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The "Rear Shoe" is offered as an addition to the "Slik Stand" and "Slik Chock" for the rear tire. It holds the rear of the motorcycle in place by simply attaching tie downs to the slotted holes in the sides of the shoe and to the motorcycle or using a wheel strap in the slots of the base of the unit. Two bolts are needed to secure the "Rear Shoe" to the floor. Using the "Slik Stand" and a "Rear Shoe" eliminates the need for tie down points anywhere else and leaves the area on both sides of the motorcycle "clean" for other cargo or simply being able to access each side of the bike without interference of tie downs everywhere. No more cutting or drilling several holes in the floor and sides of your trailer.

The "Rear Shoe" comes in two lengths, Regular (11 3/4") and Extended (17 3/4"), and widths accommodating tire sizes up to 300.

Rear Shoe

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