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At last, a safe, simple, secure way to haul your motorcycle in a pickup, van or a trailer. Whether you own a Harley or any other brand of motorcycle, you need a "Slik Stand" to haul your bike.

Keyhole shaped slots in the bottom of the chock portion of the "Slik Stand" make installing or removing it a 30 second task once the 1/2" hardware has been installed in the floor of the transporting vehicle. Simply attach the "Slik Stand" to the floor, roll your bike into place and attach tie downs (not included) to the cross bar and to the motorcycle. Then haul your motorcycle to where the fun is! The "Slik Stand" eliminates the need for "D" rings or tie down points anywhere else.

The "Slik Stand" makes a great work tool also. Use it to hold your bike upright and stable for simple maintenance or major repairs. Attach either wheel of your bike to the "Slik Stand" and the end of the motorcycle not attached can be raised as needed by jacking or any other safe means of lifting.


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